Chapter Meetings

Mississippi State's BYX men meet every Monday at 7:00PM in McCool Hall Room 124. Please contact Coleman Dixon at if you would like to visit our chapter.

"What if the thought of godly men came to mind when you heard “Men of B.Y.X.”?

The way manly men comes to mind when you hear “beard and trucks.”

What if people knew us by the character we displayed,

The brotherhood we never betrayed,

The unity we always relayed,

The leadership we portrayed,

And the faith we clearly conveyed?

What if, unlike most men, we were active and seeking,

Rather than, like Adam, merely passive and not speaking?

What if we recognized that passivity is a deadly sin,

One that bit Adam and continues to curse men,

Binding them in sin; never to win.

Unless, that is, Christ enters in.

As, in Christ, we have hope once more,

As He poured out His blood, our peace with God to restore.

You see Jesus, the second Adam, hung on a Cross & there became a curse,

That we who are in Christ can live victorious knowing in Him the curse is reversed."

-Mike Taber

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