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Chapter History:
In early fall of 2004 Casey Zumwalt contacted the national office about the possibility of starting a BYX chapter on the campus of Mississippi State University. Casey began recruiting other men to join him in this endeavor and before long they had a group of 20 men meeting to fellowship, spend time in the word, and pray. Late in the fall of 2004 these men began going through the prospective chapter evaluation process, making them the first chapter to go through this process. In February of 2005 BYX invited these men to attend the BYX annual Summit conference.  Finally, after months of planning and preparing, the Mississippi State university chapter of Brother's Under Christ was activated on April 5, 2005 as the  "Omicron" chapter.  As the fifteenth chapter of BYX, the Omicron chapter was only the third east of the Mississippi river and only the fourth outside of the state of Texas.

Founding Fathers:

Joe Chen
Shea Cole
Nick Dampier
Joe Davis
Gary Goggins
Adam Haver
Ben Irwin
Adam Kennard
Aaron Lawson
Kyle Lynch
Grayson Luther
Thomas Marino
Ben McCain
Wade Patterson
Nathan Phillips
Stephen Sims
Sam Ritchey
Justin White
John Windham
Casey Zumwalt
Jesse English

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