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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why join BYX?

  • As an entering student at Mississippi State there are several different organizations and fraternities that a young man can choose to be a part of. We are just like other fraternities that have swaps with sororities, date parties, socials, retreats and so on. However, the aspect that sets us apart is that we seek to glorify God and grow closer to Christ in everything we do. This may come in the form of worship at weekly chapter meetings, discipleship with a big brother or accountability from a cell group. The goal of Beta Upsilon Chi is that we all grow closer together in brotherhood and unity based on the common bond of Jesus Christ. Simply put, he should join Beta Upsilon Chi if he is looking for a fun social fraternity as well as a group of men who will encourage and sharpen him in his walk with Christ. (1 Corinthians 10:31)

What is pledgeship like?

  • Pledgeship is without question one of the most unique, fulfilling, maturing, and encouraging times in any BYX member’s collegiate career. During this time pledges interact with actives that are mature both spiritually and socially and are looking for opportunities to invest in guys who are seeking after Christ as well. Pledge brothers will be placed in cell groups, which is a group of BYX members who meet together to talk about life and everything that the Lord is showing them. On a more social note, pledge brothers will be able to enjoy the social benefits of Beta Upsilon Chi. There are date parties, swaps, open parties, retreats, intramurals, and other social events that take place each semester. (Proverbs 27:17, Ecclesiastes 4:12)

What about Hazing?

  • Beta Upsilon Chi has a very strict no hazing policy. We do not haze. Not in any way or form. Not only would this be morally and ethically wrong, but also it would go against our Biblical foundation. We could not call ourselves a Christian fraternity or even Christian men if we chose to intimidate or abuse fellow believers just because of a difference in position, age, or other status. Remember that we seek to glorify God and grow closer to Christ in everything that we do. Hazing does not accomplish this. (1 Corinthians 10:31)

How can I join?

  • There are two phases to becoming an active member of Beta Upsilon Chi: Rush and Pledgeship. Rush consists of the summer rush parties and rush week which will be the during the first week of classes this fall. Pledgeship is the actual process that will prepare you to become an active member of BYX. Pledgeship consists of getting to know the current active members, spending time with your big brother, and attending weekly chapter and cell group meetings.

Do I have to go through IFC Formal Recruitment in order to join?

  • IFC Formal Recruitment is optional.  Mississippi State BYX is a member of the IFC, therefore all those who go through formal recruitment will have the opportunity to rush BYX.  However, for those who are not going through IFC Formal Recruitment, BYX has an Informal Rush that is separate from the IFC recruitment process.  Informal Rush for Fall 2016 will take place the first week of classes.  There is no registration for Informal Rush and details for each of the rush events will be posted at a later date.

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